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Documentary Filming On-Site for 2022 Season

Exciting news y'all!

Tay Calloway is a Masters student at Wake Forest University and is doing his thesis for his MFA in Documentary Film Program on King Heron - immersive gaming and our community. Tay is doing this as his thesis project, but it will also likely be entered into film festivals and be posted and marketed online in various forms. Tay is very humble so you won't hear this from him, but he's incredibly talented and we're expecting this to go big.

Filming will likely be at most (if not all) Lands of Exile events through this year (2022 season). He'll be keeping his distance (you won't have a camera right in your face), but you should carry out as per normal and act like the camera is not there - business as usual for your characters!

Tay will be filming in general (scenery, during, before and after events), and we may ask you to interview/be filmed before/after events but your in-game play will never be interrupted. Mark "going" to the Facebook event(s) if you're going to be there so we have an easy roster available for FB messenger contact pls!

Beyond this general filming, Tay will be following Jordan Mullaney (New Player Marshal, Rules Marshal, Website Co-Manager) and myself (Emil, Owner & Director) around at events as focus subjects - a huge part of Tay's vision is for this is to be about our community, not just the in-game happenings.

There is no option to opt out, because we can't guarantee that you won't be in the documentary when it's dynamically following people around. If you're attending events this year, there will be an additional image release form that you'll be required to sign along with your normal paperwork.

A disclaimer is going to be added to all tickets from here-on for the 2022 season.



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