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At Blue Heron Productions, we strive for an immersive and collaborative roleplaying experience.

​What can I expect at one of your events?

We provide an experience that will make you feel like you're in another world. Please note, most of our games are 18+.

Our world is reactive to the character decisions.

Our team is always working to create the story with the participants, so that we can make your impacts felt throughout the world and within the story.

Our events are "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG).

Our players, as well as our staff, are costumed in appropriate garb for each game's genre, and stay in character for the full game from beginning to end. We provide real props for quests and puzzles, and set designs to immerse you in the game.

We foster active, caring communities.

Both our team and our players work to create a safe, engaging space for LARPers of all kinds. We have a code of conduct as a guideline for LARPing safely, and very welcoming communities. Like our Facebook Pagesign up for our newsletter, and join our community groups for the most up to date information! 




We create and maintain safe, inclusive, and immersive environments where adults can play. We focus on cooperative storytelling and immersion to the fullest extent. We inform, keeps things simple and accessible in order to get the players involved in the world - and give them the tools they need to dive into being the heroes, villains, and everything in between in their own stories.


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Lands of Exile - Medieval Fantasy - TO BE ANNOUNCED

Amnesty - Paranormal Southern Gothic - COMING Q4 OF 2021

The Goblin King's Ball - COMING Q4 OF 2021

Immortal Minds - Cyberpunk with Sci-fi elements - COMING Q2 OF 2022

Supernatural Summer Camp - COMING SUMMER OF 2022

Bound in Blood - Vampires and Suspense - TO BE ANNOUNCED

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