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Once upon a time, there was the City. There was the City, and there were the Badlands. The City was the last and only bastion of civilization against a world gone mad - and you got yourself thrown out. You’re probably guilty. Maybe you’re innocent. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone knows, nothing good comes out of the Badlands - and nothing good goes in.

Lucky for you, somewhere out in the Badlands, the lantern light of Amnesty flickers. In this patchwork pioneer town, all are welcome to lay their heads to rest - in exchange for a solemn vow that your criminal past is behind you. Do no harm to Amnesty, and Amnesty will do no harm to you.

Amnesty’s lamplight only illuminates so much. There’s worse that lurks in the darkness than bandits and boogeymen. Don’t look too long into the shadows cast by the weeping boughs, the hanging moss - they’ve been known to look back.

Check out the website and our Facebook community page to keep up with live updates for this game, premiering in Q4 2021!


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