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“It begins with drooling, followed by  a bloody nose, then vomiting. Soon after, the body is wracked with pain and a fever so high that you’d think we’d cooked them. Then in just under an hour, it’s over. They lay still, dead as dirt, until a few hours later, when they wake with a start, and their humanity is just…gone. They’re fast. They only have one goal- eat. It’s a terrifying thought to believe that they’re calculated- killing machines. But in the first few days, that’s exactly what they are. They’re faster, stronger, and agile. Eventually, some of them slow down. But they still hunt. That hunger…it’s all that drives them.“

July 4th, 2021 began like any other day. Unseasonably cool, people took to the great outdoors to enjoy the strange hints of autumn in the air. Around 1 pm Eastern Standard Time, an alert went out nationwide explaining that the Air Quality Index indicated extremely unsafe conditions. People were confused, and most just chalked it up to a mistake. The news commented on the alert with extremely varied intensity - some called it an accident, others a conspiracy. No one could know what would await them in the morning. Overnight the streets had become infested with the mindless husks of what had once been people- they were quick, and incredibly hungry. By noon on September 4th, martial law had been declared by several state governments: interstate travel was banned, and most hospitals worked over time to try to find the root cause. 

They needn’t have bothered. Not even two weeks later, no government had control. The National Guard was disbanded and rumors abound that the military had cordoned off D.C. The world was now a hostile wasteland, with death lurking around every corner, and no help was coming.  

You've managed to find a group of survivors to ease the transition - lucky you - but now you're low on, well, everything. The hope is you'll band together, holding onto your humanity in the process is no easy task.

This world is on the brink of destruction - will you help pull it back, or just watch it burn?

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