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Fri, May 24


Singletary Lake State Park

Legends of Exile LARP: THE FORGOTTEN [May 2024 Horror One-Shot Prelude Event]

You are a human from the Da'lshi (Dal-shee) culture, sent on the first expedition to the Eternal Lands. You're destined to die, but your actions while you live have a significant impact on the outcome and how this affects the future story: for better or for worse.

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Legends of Exile LARP: THE FORGOTTEN [May 2024 Horror One-Shot Prelude Event]
Legends of Exile LARP: THE FORGOTTEN [May 2024 Horror One-Shot Prelude Event]

Time & Location

May 24, 2024, 5:00 PM EDT – May 26, 2024, 11:00 AM EDT

Singletary Lake State Park, 6707 NC-53, Elizabethtown, NC 28337, USA

About The Event

This document is regarding our May One-Shot Event for Legends of Exile LARP.

Story Prelude:

You are a human from the Da'lshi (Dal-shee) culture, sent on a mission by your religious leaders (the Celestial and Moon Heralds). You departed 10 years after the disappearance of the Second Moon (40 years after the Torpor and Great Sleep struck). Keep in mind that the fog distorts time… Your characters don’t know it, but you were lost for much longer than you’d have ever guessed. In actuality, 20 years have passed since your initial voyage into the fog (the First Expedition in current day returned one year ago).

Three ships departed together on this mission: The Gull Wing, The Unicorn's Hoof, and your boat: the Dragon's Breath.The world became disorienting once you entered the fog surrounding the Eternal Lands. Your ship began with almost 100 people - but 50 of those humans have succumbed to the Torpor, died outright, or perished in their Nightmare. Lost in the fog, you've run out of food and supplies, but luckily, one person defeated their Nightmare and Awakened on the journey. You can't turn back now, but the Awakened determined the Eternal Lands' direction. You've just landed, hungry and disoriented, and the hair on your neck stands up as soon as you step on the Island.

You've discovered that none of the magic you knew works here, and the other two ships have yet to arrive. A vision that the Celestial Heralds delivered to you many, many years ago resonates in your mind:

"The earth shall soak in the Dragon's crimson blood. Flesh shall peel like withering petals from bone. A living prison of festering rot, with death's fetid scent clinging to every step through writhing decay. A subtle theft, a subtle erosion, liberation awaiting the reckoning of soul."

Event Timeline:

Workshops and character connections will be on Friday night from 10 pm-12:30 am. You must be on-site by 10 pm to participate in these workshops (preferably in kit, so you will be recognizable by your kit and get some pre-event pictures). These workshops will include character connections, which cultural group you reside in (Traditionalists or the new Coastal Settlements), and help with deciding your background, etc. You can absolutely come in with a general idea in mind for your character and who they were on the Mainland, just leave it flexible enough to where we can help you add to it!

The game begins on Saturday morning: your character will "leave the ship" for the docks as early as 9 am and officially go into play. Once you leave the ship, you cannot return to it, as it will be obscured by the fog. The intensity will increase throughout the day, as you will have missions to accomplish to achieve your goal, which is to ensure that the monsters cannot return to the Mainland. You may realize that you are going to die or you may believe that you can defeat the monsters and save everyone.

(Spoiler alert: You won't survive, but your actions can have a significant impact on the outcome and how this affects the future story). The game will stop at Sunday 2 AM- you can continue to play for as long as you wish (or as long as you can survive). Cabins are off limits if they have a lit tea light outside of them (indicating that the players in that cabin have died, and are out of game sleeping).

We will go to San Jose in Elizabethtown together once the camp is cleaned up on Sunday, and a debrief of “what happened” will be posted online after the event. There will also be a PEL (Post Event Letter) for you to fill out after the game.


The mechanics we are using for this one-shot are incredibly rules-light.

You only need to know a handful of mechanics as a human:

  • You have 5HP and can use any martial weapon to deal 1 damage. You may also use a shield.
  • You can choose between the “first aid” skill, or starting with additional 3 hit points.               
    • First Aid: Heal all damage after a minute of roleplay (on yourself or others). 10 bandage phys-reps are required to be provided by you.
    • Non-combatants (orange headbands) will use the "I wound thee" rules per the old Lands of Exile system.


  • You can be turned into a Monster at any point. If you are, you will play a version of your character (no additional costuming requirements). There is no NPCing at this event.
  • You are healed for all hitpoints if you hear the tagline “heal” and your shoulder is touched.
  • We will go over and show you the Monster mechanics on Friday night.


There are many unavoidable content warnings for this game. These might be found throughout the event at random, and as such, if you find any of these triggering or will not enjoy them, we recommend not attending this event.

  • Jumpscares
  • Character Death
  • Hopelessness
  • Body Horror


You can indicate on your ticket if you wish to be a Saboteur. However, it's important to note that as a human player, you cannot commit sabotage or have any hidden intentions unless you are assigned a Saboteur character by the game's plot. This means that you may start the game under special circumstances, such as playing as a monster, or you may have ulterior motives as a human, such as seeking revenge. Please only select this option if you're sure you want to participate in this way. It's also important to note that selecting this option on your ticket does not guarantee that you will be assigned a Saboteur character. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as available.


  • Unheated Cabin Pass

    Weekend pass for an unheated cabin + player pass.

    Tax: +$2.85 Sales Tax
    Sale ended
  • Heated/Cooled Cabin Pass

    Weekend pass for a heated/cooled cabin spot + player pass.

    Tax: +$2.85 Sales Tax
    Sale ended
  • Full Time NPC Season Pass

    This covers your entire season pass for being a full time NPC (non player character). You will play a myriad of different plot-directed characters throughout the event. As part of your ticket, bedspace is provided in an unheated cabin (the red cabin closest to plot)! FOOD IS NOT PROVIDED!

    Tax: +$0.95 Sales Tax
    Sale ended



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